Toulouse Chef Yoann Lardeaux

Executive Chef of Toulouse Concepts

Yoann Lardeux
With more than 20 years of experience, Yoann Lardeux is a French-born and trained chef who grew up around the food and service industry. His work experience includes high-volume establishments that have helped him solidify organization and delegation skills, as well as fine dining restaurants that have allowed him to explore his creativity and master the art of the details. On a corporate level, Yoann assists in menu and concept design as well as catering.

Prior to Lombardi's, Yoann worked in Denver, Colorado at Le Central Restaurant and JouJou in the Hotel Teatro, a destination for the pre-theatre crowd. He has also worked in Switzerland, France and Spain. Yohann is a graduate of Lycee Hotelier Professional where he achieved "Certificat d' Aptitude Professional," as well as being certified in Pastry.